Monday, March 23, 2009

New Tai chi Classess in Ampang

We will be having two Introductory Tai chi classes in the Ampang area in Kuala Lumpur this April.

Here are the details:

Tai Chi for health Program

TAI CHI- is an ancient system of exercise that emphasizes effortless breathing, flowing movements and proper body coordination.

* It is suitable for the young and old; robust or sickly
* For maintaining and improving physical, mental, neurological health
* For developing grace, poise and Balance
* Cultivation of the internal energy “chi”
* Prolong life, sustain good health

Tai Chi for health is based on the concept that “Prevention is better than cure”, and that daily, regular Tai Chi exercises tones muscles, clears metabolic toxins, and rejuvenates the body from the stress of modern life.

The central nervous system, and internal organs which are vital to good health are tonified by the exercises. This is because in Tai Chi the movements are led by the waist, and are not just flowery movements of the hands alone.

The low stable postures require us to be always balanced on one leg at a time. These requirements plus the rhythmic breathing enhances blood circulation while strengthening the legs.

Tai Chi exercises uses smooth movement, strict postural requirements and utilizes an energy likened to “pulling silk from a cocoon”.

The combination of slow rhythmic movements, calm concentrated disposition and centeredness enhance relaxation and serenity. This serenity is likened to meditation in motion.
Its principles are:

  • Being Deeply and thoroughly Relaxed (song)
  • Being non Resisting
  • Cultivating and circulating the internal energy “chi”,
  • Sensing and detecting energy; Using “4 ounces to deflect 1000 pounds” in self defense strategy,
  • Based on Yin Yang understanding: that “Within strength; there is weakness”; and similarly “Within weakness, there is strength.”.

About the master:

Master E.K Yeap first started Tai chi at the young age of 8 years in Johor Bahru. He later studied Tai chi again in the 1970s. In 1976 he co-founded the University of New South Wales Tai Chi Club in Sydney. He also taught in the University of New England in Armidale when he did post graduate studies there.

Master Yeap now teaches in Malaysia. He the founder and director of his Wellness company dealing with Health Programs, Services and Products.

Special Free one hour introductory session at
Venue: Yogalife Centre,:
243A Lorong Nibong
off Jalan Ampang

Session 1
Wednesday, 1st April 2009.
Time: 6pm~ 7 pm

Session 2
2nd April 2009

7.30 am~8.30 am.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Voice power - using vibration (sounds) for healing

The ancient Chinese system of chi kung have various modalities for healing.  The premise is that everything in the universe is energy.  This includes us human beings.

When a person has an imbalance in energy including stuck energy, using the voice - and creating vibrations throughout the body can help healing.

View the video: