Monday, April 27, 2009

Deadly flu in Mexico

A new, deadly swine flu has killed up to 86 people in Mexico and infected around a dozen in the United States. 

The number of people suspected to have been sickened across the country exceeding 1,400 since April 13, according to New York Times.  The situation is now considered a public health emergency of international concern.

In our region - governments in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong etc have taken measures to be on alert to handle the spread.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Meeting with Guo Lin Qigong - a system for the body to fight cancer.

I went with my sister Jan and her husband Frank to visit Guo Lin Qigong (郭林新氣功) teacher Mdm Chan in Taman Tun Dr Ismail at the park. This system of qigong is well known for fighting cancer.

We met Mdm Chan, and her friends and fellow teachers Sue, and Mary Ng. Mdm Chan came to learn Guo Lin Qigong some 18 years ago; when she found that she had cancer. Mary is also a cancer survivor. Sue on the other hand is "healthy", and helps teach the art to care-givers who frequently accompanies the sick relatives/spouses to the classes.

The founder of the Guo Lin Qigong system is Mdm Guo Lin of China. According to sources, In 1941, she became a cancer victim and had been on and off of the operation table for more than 6 times, and her health condition worsened as days went by. As a last resort, she looked upon Qigong she had practised during her childhood days and successfully modifed it as a therapy for cure. Since 1971, public classes has been held and the art has spread to America, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and Malaysia etc. giving many people remissions and cures.

Mdm Chan and her team practises everyday and has classes once a week in Petaling Jaya. We salute them for their contribution to society in general and to cancer patients in particular for sharing the art, and thereby giving hope as well as support to cancer patients and survivors.

I would personally recommend the art to clients who have cancer. Qigong in general and Guo Lin Qigong in particular is suitable for cancer patients and survivors in part because the practitioners are themselves a testimony to its effectiveness.

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