Thursday, December 31, 2015

Push Hands & Sticking hands - Key to Understanding and Mastering Relaxation in the Face of Tension and Force

By Master E.K Yeap

Tai chi push hands and sticking hands are much more than for the preparing oneself for emergency and physical threats. Its an excellent method to further oneself in self cultivation and practice.  Its good for learning and mastering calmness and increasing awareness and mindfulness.

Lets face it, in the modern, "civilized" world - there is much less tendency towards lawlessness compared to ancient times. Or is it?  Well, thefts, bullying, assaults, violence still  exists for sure.  But we will leave that topic for another day.

Today, we wish to review how we can remain calm and relaxed in this rushed, anxiety filled world.  How do we master relaxation in the face of tension and pressure.

Those who are already practicing Tai chi, yoga and meditation are well on the path. Much has been recently written about this.

I invite practitioners and students of Tai chi or other internal soft arts to pursue the higher pricinples of Tai chi - of yielding to forces.  Of allowing some force and pressure to "come in", and then doing wooshing it away.  Amazing? How? Well you got to learn it to experience it.

In  2016, we will be having new classes of Push hands Ultimate - to encompass this aspect - of understanding yourself, your partner (we just call him/her your opponent), your own internal alignment (or lack of). Understand and utilize your integrated body, and not just fragmented aspects of it.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

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