Thursday, December 31, 2015

Push Hands & Sticking hands - Key to Understanding and Mastering Relaxation in the Face of Tension and Force

By Master E.K Yeap

Tai chi push hands and sticking hands are much more than for the preparing oneself for emergency and physical threats. Its an excellent method to further oneself in self cultivation and practice.  Its good for learning and mastering calmness and increasing awareness and mindfulness.

Lets face it, in the modern, "civilized" world - there is much less tendency towards lawlessness compared to ancient times. Or is it?  Well, thefts, bullying, assaults, violence still  exists for sure.  But we will leave that topic for another day.

Today, we wish to review how we can remain calm and relaxed in this rushed, anxiety filled world.  How do we master relaxation in the face of tension and pressure.

Those who are already practicing Tai chi, yoga and meditation are well on the path. Much has been recently written about this.

I invite practitioners and students of Tai chi or other internal soft arts to pursue the higher pricinples of Tai chi - of yielding to forces.  Of allowing some force and pressure to "come in", and then doing wooshing it away.  Amazing? How? Well you got to learn it to experience it.

In  2016, we will be having new classes of Push hands Ultimate - to encompass this aspect - of understanding yourself, your partner (we just call him/her your opponent), your own internal alignment (or lack of). Understand and utilize your integrated body, and not just fragmented aspects of it.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Disappear Eye Bags... Instantly.

Eyebags Disappear in One minute with our "Instantly Ageless" gel product.

See the amazing photos and video below. Product is now available in Malaysia and Singapore.

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Video showing the quick effects of Jeunesse Instantly Ageless - live video recording with running timer at hand! 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

How do I buy Xango in Cape town South Africa or anywhere else: China, Europe, UK, USA

Xango is getting popular, and the following steps will help you order online in South Africa, China, Europe, UK or the USA:

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Please do the following:

1. Select your country
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Note: If you wish to buy the products for your own use, Preferred Customer is simpler and less hassle and there are no membership fees involved.  If you wish to build a network and market  products to others - then you should opt to be a Distributor.

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Sugar time Bomb: Disturbing information on hidden sugars and their deadly effects

A good documentary on Sugar - which is a more significant factor than fat in causing diabetes and obesity.

And its links to cancer, Alzheimer's Disease , Heart disease. fatty liver disease etc.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Muscle Building Supplements Scam Exposed

Here's a daring expose by a body builder, Gert Louw from the article "A massive bodybuilding supplement syndicate scam exposed", which appears on his site.

The list of 30 supplements use the internet to sell their products.  There is no shop selling it.  The modus operandi is to get users to buy with their credit card at a low price during the "trial period" and the small print is that the card is deducted every month in subsequent months.

His direct experience: his "before and after" photos are used, without permission, and associated with different (false) names.

 Gert Louw with Expose of Scam Muscle Building Products

Details at :

Be forewarned!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Running 5 miles to build your cardio endurance and lung capacity? You may be barking up the wrong tree.

Which is better for developing your Heart muscle and Lung capacity as you age?
Cardio-vascular Endurance type Exercises or Short burst Intensive type Exercises? 

The former includes aerobics, jogging for miles or running on the treadmill for a long period of time.  Short intensive bursts, like the name suggests - is of much shorter duration - more intense followed by rests (work intensity up gradually through time with training). Dr Al Sears in the video below expounds his PACE training.

We advocate Bio Chi exercises which comprise of long, slow and deep abdominal & thoracic breathing, but at the intermediate levels - we have faster and more intense type movements that Dr Sears talk about. We will cover Bio Chi qigong exercise benefits in a later article.

Now, let's hear from Dr Al Sears. 

Monday, April 06, 2015

Reversing Telomeres shortening: the reversal of Aging and Disease? A bold video from Dr Al Sears

A pioneering medical doctor and researcher Dr Al Sears shares powerful information on the effects of REVERSING telomeres shortening.

Learn how to improve Heart capacity, lung capacity and sexual reproduction.

Click here to watch on youtube

Friday, February 13, 2015

Parkinson's Disease and Tai chi. How does Tai chi help? - A Tai chi master discusses this topic


Parkinson's Disease, or PD, is most common amongst the elderly. It generally  affects people in the 70's and 80s.  Sadly it is also beginning to affect the 'younger' set - and people in their 50's also have the disease. The illness is a movement disorder characterised by the decrease of or slow physical movement, trembling of the arms, jaw or head, legs, hands, rigidity of the limbs and diminished balance.

If you are facing Parkinson's disease or you want to help others, you should keep reading. Do you know one of the most effective ways to manage or potentially slow the onset of  this disease?

Have you heard of Tai Chi?
This methodology is certainly one of the best exercises that assist Parkinson's disease. And how does it help?

Many medical researches demonstrate quantifiable improvements in muscle strength owing to the unsupported arm exercise which strengthens the upper body and enhanced core strength and gains for the lower extremities. The possibility of falls in old age and equilibrium is improved reduced owing to the discipline's power to preserve proprioception, which is the capability to feel the location of the body of one's in space. Healing is facilitated by developments in muscle strength and flexibility. Tai Chi has also been found to decrease the fear of falling, which actually reduces the likelihood of a fall.

The cardiac benefits OF THE POWER OF Tai Chi are also notable, especially regarding hypertension, heart failure, heart disease and recovery from strokes. Furthermore, Tai Chi is of advantage to those with depression light to fairly severe Parkinson's disease and osteoporosis.

How does Tai Chi chuan help Parkinson's?
Many different variations of Tai chi has developed over the years and each type has distinct advantages. The most famous 'forms' or sets of movements are Yang style, Wu style and Chen style.

Each has its similarities and differences.  The common thread among them all - is that Tai chi is a set of flowing, non-stop set of movements.  They are a linked choreographed set of patterns of moves involving the arms and legs, fingers and eyes in a beautiful and enchanting harmony and synchrony. The movements are not repetitive.  And they are asymmetrical.  

It is different from say, calisthenics or yoga - which have moves which are "stop-start" in nature that is you do a particular move and you repeat it a certain number of repetition.  Then you move to the next move.  In Tai chi, you move on, as if in a trance - one move after the next, without repetition (until much later).

These moves require your brain to work, and neurons to fire in new and wonderful ways.  It requires mind and body to communicate and harmonize.  And to begin to move as one.  Tai chi's other main characteristics are the participant is relaxed, though alert.  Movements require slowness, and balance.  These requirements bring the body-mind-control to its ultimate peak of experience for most of us normal people.

In advanced levels, there is self defense modules in many schools.  Even students of Tai chi will almost always feel that self defense is "not for them".  Until they try it.  If the class is geared more towards health and wellness - then students find that there are additional "patterns" of footwork to learn and master - linear, circular, cross, backward etc; and arm work - patterns of focus and isometrics that will highly benefit them in terms of further advancement to body conditioning, and mental agility.  Not to mention additional boost in confidence.  Finally it is also to experience the beauty of the philosophy that  "softness overcomes hardness" can be made alive for them.  

Yang style is made up of 108 in the traditional sort and 37 or 24 moves in its simple form. It is suited for beginners as it is not too demanding; the knees are flexed almost all the time and also the stance is wide. Wu consists of 108 in the conventional kind and 56 moves in its simple kind.

Even though this "meditation in movement" is a gentle type of exercise and includes no impact on joints, it is always advisable to consult your physician prior to embarking on a fresh exercise regime. Before registering for a class, inquire if you could discover one if it offers the type of motion to see that you will be after. Speak to the teacher to learn more concerning the type and to gauge his or her degree of expertise practiced.

E.K Yeap is a Wellness coach who has been teaching Tai chi for the past 3 decades.  He has developed a program for Parkinson's Disease and people interested in anti-aging.  He lives and works in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His website:

Saturday, February 07, 2015

How to Prevent Memory Loss, Alzheimer's - Dementia and Parkinson's

Watch the video by Dr Russell Blaylock whose parent's died of Parkinson's disease.  He is a respected MD who focuses on nutrition and the integrative approach to wellness.

Conventional medical establishments say they don't know the cause for Memory Loss, Alzheimer's - Dementia and Parkinson's.

Dr Blaylock asserts that  is due to two primary causes namely, Inflammation & Excitotoxicity.

Both the above generate intense free radical activity.

Get them under control, and "you will drastically reduce your risk for Memory Loss, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's"

Our bodies can deal with the free radical and the damage they do to cells (in this case in the brain). However, with aging, the efficiency goes down. That  is where good anti oxidants and specialized DNA protective formulas are important as we age.

Resveratrol (as in botanical blend in Reserve) and the Jeunesse AM&PM products are important.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Cancer Remission: There's something to be close to nature, having close relationships, and the glass of wine...

Read about this amazing cancer remission story.

Stamatis Moraitis, the dear "grandpa" of international media, who did not remember his exact age – 98 or 102- passed away, 36 years after doctors had diagnosed him with lung cancer.
At the time, nine other doctors confirmed the diagnosis, and had given him nine months to live.

In several interviews he had confided that the secret of his longevity was the wine of his own production and Ikarian products. Moraitis thought of staying in the USA, where he went to receive cancer treatment.

He returned to Ikaria to live the rest of his life. He refused to undergo chemotherapy and did not accept the medication American doctors had prescribed. All he cared about was his garden and his parents' vineyards. The peak of irony is that when he returned to America to visit his doctors, as his health gradually improved, he found out that they had all died.

"I expected to die, but it just was not happening. At night, I walked up to the tavern where I was playing backgammon and drinking wine with my friends until midnight," he said in an interview.

The inhabitants of a small Greek island live on average 10 years longer than the rest of western Europe. So what's the secret to long life in Ikaria?
It could be the fresh air and the friendly, easy-going, open-door lifestyle. It could be fresh vegetables and goat's milk.
It could be the mountainous terrain. Everywhere on Ikaria is up, or down, so getting around keeps you fit.
It could even be the natural radiation in the granite rocks. But Stamatis Moraitis thinks he knows what it is.
"It's the wine," he says, over a mid-morning glass at his kitchen table. "It's pure, nothing added. The wine they make commercially has preservatives. That's no good. But this wine we make ourselves is pure."
Stamatis celebrated his 98th birthday on New Year's Day. He says he's older, but his documents put his date of birth as 1 January 1915. Outside his whitewashed house are his beloved olive trees, his fruit trees, and his vines. He makes about 700 litres of wine a year, he says.
"Do you drink it all yourself?" I ask. "No!" He's shocked at the suggestion. "I drink it with my friends."

There are lots of stories like this one on Ikaria. Some may well be just stories, but in recent years scientists and doctors have beaten a path to the island not far off the coast of Turkey to find out the real story.
Ikaria got its name from the Greek myth of Icarus who, legend has it, plunged into the sea close to the island when his wax and feather wings melted. For centuries it was known as a health destination because of natural hot springs on the island.
More recently it has been identified as one of a small number of so-called "blue zones" by the author Dan Buettner and National Geographic, where residents enjoy great longevity. Other places include Okinawa in Japan, Sardinia in Italy, and Loma Linda in California.
As the years rolled by Stamatis' health continued to improve. Thirty years after his diagnosis he realized that he wasn't going to die from cancer after all. At the ripe age of 97, Stamatis summoned the courage to submit to a medical exam to confirm his belief that he was cancer free. He wanted to know what had happened to him and why he didn't die.
His doctors thoroughly examined him and reviewed his medical records. Not only did they give him a clean bill of health,  he also learned at the same time that all the doctors who had predicted he would die in nine months if he didn't submit to chemo had died – all of them were dead!  Meanwhile, Stamatis lived on until the age of 102, and when he did die it wasn't from cancer!
There are many significant factors about the islanders' lifestyle which might contribute to their longevity.
Even compared to a typical Mediterranean diet, Ikarians eat a lot of fish and vegetables, and relatively low levels of meat.
Six out of 10 of people aged over 90 are still physically active, compared with about 20% elsewhere. Most food is cooked in olive oil. Large quantities of wild greens and herbs are gathered from the hillsides for both food and medicinal purposes.
Many older people make a daily brew of mountain tea from dried herbs such as sage, thyme, mint, and chamomile, and sweeten it with honey from local bees. "It cures everything," claims Stamatis.
Many of the wild herbs are used by people all over the world as traditional remedies. They are rich in antioxidants and also contain diuretics which can lower blood pressure.
"We don't have nightclubs or discos," he says, as people chinked glasses filled with red wine poured from large plastic flagons. "The door is always open, there's no need to call and ask to come."
source: The New York Times