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The Top 10 Recommendations for fighting cancer - American Anti-cancer Institute

The "top 10 list" of strategies and products for fighting cancer from the American Anti-cancer Institute. You'd be glad to see that Transfer Factor is listed there.. naturally.  Good water - in the form of alkaline, ionized water is listed and ranked by the Institute as the number 1 recommendation and the machine is Enagic's Kangen Water.

The full list are:

Details are here:

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Baby Dies After 9 Vaccines in One Day

Its another sad story of vaccine injury - in this case death just one week after her vaccinations.  Our doctor friends recommend, where possible to have single vaccinations (not triples, or in this case 9 vaccinations!). Also make sure the child is not immune compromised (sick) when he or she is due for her jabs.  If the child is sick - reschedule.

You read correct. 9 vaccines in one day - and that's a big problem. But, there's a bigger problem. Medical authorities denying vaccines had a thing to do with this little girl's death!

From Vac Truth:

Stacy and Lesly were born one month premature by Caesarean section and spent the next four days in an incubator. Stacy needed resuscitation at birth.

Following medical advice parents Sirjacobs and Dupont decided to have the twins vaccinated. Stacy was slightly unwell with a cold on the day of her vaccinations but doctors assured her parents that it was safe to give her the vaccinations.

(It is worth noting that there is a history of Sudden Infant Death and allergies in the family. The twins were being prescribed a milk supplement due to a milk allergy at the time Stacy became ill)

The twins received Prevenar, a vaccine against meningitis and pneumonia, Infanrix Hexa, a six in one vaccination for diphtheria, tetanus, polio, pertussis, hepatitis B and Haemophilus type B, and finally the Rotarix, a preventive vaccine for gastroenteritis.

This means that these tiny vulnerable babies received a staggering nine vaccines in one day, vaccines that may have caused one of them to die.

A week after her vaccinations Stacy became unwell with a fever of 39.9 degrees C. Her parents decided to administer Perdolan to lower her fever. As their daughter was still very poorly they called the hospital who advised them to bring their daughter in.

The medical staff diagnosed Stacy with a slight chest infection and infection in her blood and told her parents not to worry as this was "not serious". Stacy was then given medication and put on a drip feed and kept in for observation.

Stacy's father informed me that all links to the vaccines were strongly denied.

Despite Stacy having a heartbeat of 200 to 230 beats per minute the pediatrician told her parents that she was fine and that she was probably suffering from gastroenteritis (an illness that this little girl had been vaccinated against!).

The worried couple decided not to leave their daughter and remained by her bedside. During the evening they informed the nurse that their daughter had diarrhea but to their astonishment, they were told that the baby had been changed and they were to let her get some sleep and change her when she woke up.

During the night, Stacy continued to suffer 'abnormal diarrhea', and despite frantic pleas from her parents the nurse refused to do anything, even though by this time Stacy was restless and in obvious distress. Stacy's father says that they reported to nursing staff that Stacy was covered in small red spots and had difficulty breathing.

According to Stacy's father, Stacy's medical records states that at 19.45 a doctor telephoned his brother to ask his permission to do a lumbar puncture and put Stacy on the antibiotic Ampire, while they were awaiting the results. Authorization was denied …

Stacy died a short time later.

Stacy's father says: (translated from French by Google translate)


"The nurse 23h phone to the pediatrician to inform him that the little Stacy is worse, this one happens to 11:45 p.m. ET begins to make attempts at resuscitation. He informed at the time the parents that the baby is not breathing on their own, and asks them to leave the room. Would follow three hours, during which everything is sought to revive the girl, who is declared dead at 3am. But in fact, the heart stopped beating Stacy at midnight.

The pediatrician then began to explain to parents that the little one died of sepsis and meningitis, while in order to make such a diagnosis, it would have had to do a lumbar puncture which was not performed, or that would have required at least one blood culture or stool, the results will not be known until 3 or 4 days".


Stacy's death was recorded as: Meningitis.

It is interesting and extremely sad that this little girl died of an illness that she was vaccinated against just one week before she died. It is obvious from the information that I have from the father that this tiny vulnerable baby was left to suffer in considerable pain, dirty and in distress, whilst the pleas of her parents were ignored.

Vaccinations are administered to a child based on the age of the child from the day that they are born. Due to the advances in medicine, babies are being saved at an earlier and earlier stage in their development. We know that Stacy was born at approx one month premature, which means that she was given her eight week old vaccinations at just a month old; she was also unwell at the time she was vaccinated. It is my opinion that her small immature immune system could not cope with the onslaught of deadly toxins and chemicals that are in our vaccines today.

Stacy's devastated parents are so outraged by what they have discovered since their baby's death, that they are now asking the world to join them in a worldwide protest. They want the world to hold a global event in memory of Stacy and the many hundreds of children that have been killed or injured by vaccinations worldwide. They feel that vaccine deaths are being covered up and ask the citizens of the world to stand united for one day against vaccine damage. They say:

We are the parents of Stacy, who died a week after HER first vaccines; we are organizing a global event in honor of Stacy, Nova and all other vaccine victims worldwide. We are summoning every citizen of every country to take to the streets in their own cities, towns and villages: things must now change!

Remember to invite local journalists, the media and any victims or parents of victims prepared to tell their story. Make placards, banners and signs: UNCENSORED VACCINE INFORMATION, FREEDOM OF CHOICE!

The event is to be held on the January 20th 2012. If it is not possible for you to attend one of the many protests that are being held, then perhaps you could go along to your local church and light a candle to register your protest at what is happening around the world.

Sirjacobs and Dupont are right; something radical does need to be done to make the authorities listen to parents

Vaccine deaths are being reported around the world at an alarming rate. In May 2010 The Times of India (2) reported that 128 deaths had occurred during the previous year and the figure appeared to be rising with each year. Their report suggested that the Indian government was covering up vaccine deaths. Arun Ram reporting for the Times wrote:

"The government tries to pass on every death as unrelated to vaccine. It sometimes merely does a culture of the vaccine in question. Just because a vaccine is not found to be contaminated, it doesn't mean the vaccine has not caused the death," says Dr Puliyel.

In March 2011 Neil Z miller (3) wrote that in the USA more than 2,000 babies died after receiving pneumococcal and Hib vaccines and yet nothing whatsoever was done. He reported that whilst these vaccines were suspended in Japan after just four deaths, the news of over 2000 deaths in the USA was barely even reported. According to Miller Paul Offit had called the Japanese authorities foolish, saying that the babies probably died of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). In fact he passed their deaths off as anything he could, except the vaccines that is. Miller wrote:

According to Paul Offit, media spokesperson for the vaccine industry, "the Japanese Ministry of Health was foolish to suspend the Hib and pneumococcal programs." Offit thinks the deaths were probably caused by SIDS, or underlying conditions, or another cause – anything except the vaccines. Often, children get sick and die by chance.

Actually, Paul Offit could be right, many of the vaccinated babies could be dying as a result of SIDS because in May 2011 an interesting article hit the internet by storm stating that a study published in the Journal of Human and Experimental Toxicology found that the countries that administered the highest number of vaccines during the first year of life experienced higher infant mortality rates. (4)

This is not new because studies have been stating that vaccines were causing children to die for many years.

The Pourcyrous study (5) was the first study to examine the impact of multi-vaccinations on the immature brain. It is clear from the results of this study that the more vaccines a child has, the larger impact the vaccines have on the child's brain.  Massroor Pourcyrous, MD,  Sheldon B. Korones, MD,  Kristopher L. Arheart PhD,  Henrietta S. Bada, MD studied 239 preterm infants who were given either a single vaccine or multiple vaccines, their results are as follows:

Abnormal elevation of CRP level occurred in 85% of infants administered multiple vaccines and up to 70% of those given a single vaccine. Overall, 16% of infants had vaccine-associated cardiorespiratory events within 48 hours postimmunization. In logistic regression analysis, abnormal CRP values were associated with multiple vaccines (OR, 15.77; 95% CI 5.10-48.77) and severe intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH) (OR, 2.28; 95% CI 1.02-5.13). Cardiorespiratory events were associated marginally with receipt of multiple injections (OR, 3.62; 95% CI 0.99-13.25) and significantly with gastroesophageal reflux (GER) (OR, 4.76; 95% CI 1.22-18.52).

This study has had so much impact that it has now being quoted in papers and books on adverse reactions to vaccines and SIDS worldwide.

As today saw the news that yet another vaccine is to be added to babies vaccine schedule, the Meningitis B vaccine (6), we to ask ourselves how many Stacy's will it take before action is taken?

This article has been written in memory of Stacy Sirjacobs and the many hundreds of babies who have lost their life after receiving what the governments tell us are 'safe vaccines'.



1. Citizen Action for Uncensored Vaccine Information and Freedom of Vaccination Choice – 20th January 2012
2. Daily Paul reporting on The Times of India article written by Ron Paul
3. Neil Z Miller
4. New Study: More Vaccines Increase Infant Mortality Rates
5. The Pourcyrous Study The Journal of Pediatrics
6. Daily Mail – New vaccine against deadly meningitis B 'will be available in the spring' by Jenny Hope

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Tai Chi - an appreciation - by Nesa Arumugam

"Being good at Tai Chi Chuan does not mean being prepared for the one time in ten years that someone may actually physically attack you, while you allow yourself to be constantly battered and  thrown by the daily challenges at work, in your family, in your life. . . .
    The most effective form of self-defence is learning to remove the buttons that my myriad daily "attackers" push to throw me off-balance. I must learn to relax my fear . . . . ."
Gateway to the Miraculous (Further Explorations in the Tao of Cheng Man-ching) by Wolfe Lowenthal

The above passage expresses a truth about Tai Chi I have come to realise with an attitude of gratitude to this art and my Sifu, E.K. Yeap, who introduced me to it. At the age of 71 years you can still be thrown off balance by those very things by family and life. I was able to pull myself out of a near emotional breakdown recently in a relatively shorter time than it would have taken someone less exposed to Tai Chi. I definitely attribute that to the Tai Chi principle of being like the roly-poly doll that bounces back however you try to push it down because your strength is in being rooted softly but deeply, and centre of balance is maintained steadily. This applies to emotional centering and rooting that arises from physical balance.

This came on top of realising that in my short acquaintance with Tai Chi over the last 2 ½ years I had built up "strength in the marrow of the bones". I had stumped my foot on a hard and heavy concrete block. This would have crushed the bones of the big toe in one of my age according to my doctor who was with me. But, after the initial killing pain and swelling of the first day, my toe suffered no great injury and in a couple of days was back to normal. Strange as it sounded when I first came to know of Tai Chi strengthening bones and storing resilience in the bone marrow, I now realise these are more than words. My faith in the art as taught by my Sifu is not misplaced!  

By Nesa Arumugam.

View other feed back here.

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Articles: Brain injury - the link between crawling and walking

Some eye opening articles relating to brain injury & subsequent rehabilitation from - stroke patients,or from trauma on the brain from blows or fall, infants with brain injury - oxygen deprivation etc, and the ability to turn > creep/crawl > walk.

2) The video below shows the various movements on the floor ( by healthy infants in this case) - showing what I feel is important part of rehabilitation - exercises ON THE FLOOR.  In this case - head/body arching, hand support, turning, creeping, crawling, butt scooting, etc.

3) The subsequent article and video further down below is the amazing story of the recovery of a 67year old man who was paralysed and could not walk or talk and though his son(s) he recovered - initially though crawling.This was I believe in the 1960s.  The son later discovered from autopsy that the fathers brain was severely damaged, and hence it was a re-wiring that helped the latter regain his abilities.

In his book, The Brain That Changes Itself, Norman Doidge, M.D. relates the brain plasticity miracle of Pedro.

At the age of sixty-five, Pedro Bach-y-Rita had suffered a massive stroke that paralyzed his face and half of his body.
He was unable to talk or walk, and his sons Paul and George were told there was no hope for recovery," and that Pedro would have to go into an institution.

Dr. Paul Bach-y-Rita was a neuroscientist and rehabilitation physician, and also a pioneer in promoting the understanding that the human brain has an amazing ability to adapt and change itself; what we now know as brain plasticity.

At first George, then a medical student in Mexico, arranged rehabilitation for his father at a local hospital, which offered a typical four-week therapy.

Pedro showed very little progress, and George decided to have him come and live with him so he could provide additional therapy.

He knew nothing about rehabilitation, and his ignorance turned out to be a blessing. He succeeded by breaking all of the current rules.

"I decided that instead of teaching my father to walk, I was going to teach him first to crawl" George said. "I told my father, 'You started off crawling. You are going to have to crawl again for a while.' The only model I had was how babies learn."

As soon as Pedro could support himself, George had him crawl with his weak shoulder and arm supported by a wall.
Pedro loved gardening, and Paul had him practicing outside, which led to problems with the neighbors who thought it was unseemly to make the professor crawl like a dog.
It took many hours each day, but gradually Pedro went from crawling to moving on his knees to standing and finally to walking.

Pedro struggled with speech on his own, and after three months it began coming back.
He learned to type normally and at the end of a year he was able to return to full-time teaching at City College in New York.

Pedro was active for seven more years until, while climbing in the Colombia Mountains, he suffered a heart attack.

Article Source:

Video: on Pedro Bach-y-Rita and featuring brain plasticity.