Monday, June 26, 2017

Purchase of Xango Mangosteen juice product June 2017

The loyal customers of Xango in Australia and other countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong China and Africa can now continue to buy their favourite Mangosteen juice drink.

Xango has now merged with the company Zija International with effect from June 2017. This is the announcement from the company. 

Xango was founded in 2002 by brothers Joe and Gordon Morton and Aaron Garrity. Ken Brailsford founded Zija four years later, in 2006.

"Every one of the XANGO founders has worked with Ken during our careers," said XANGO Founder, CEO and Chairman Aaron Garrity. "Ken brought my partner Joe and I into the direct selling business and shaped the early parts of our careers. He is a mentor and a trusted friend. Ken has always shown deep respect for what we have all built with XANGO, and he shares our belief that a company in our industry must make distributors its top priority."

To loyal customers you may continue to purchase the same Xango product from our official Zija website.