Thursday, May 25, 2017

Tai chi & Qigong class in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur (Bukit Antarabangsa)

Announcing : New Tai chi & Qigong class in Ampang area, Sunday morning, June 2017

NOTE: For our Old students, there is an existing class and we welcome you to join in.  Drop by for practice, stroke Corrections and for advanced  training and refinement.

Beginners Class - Taman  Bukit Jaya, Bukit  Antarabangsa

Date: 4th June 2017.
Day : Sunday
Time: 8 am
Venue: Taman  Bukit Jaya, Bukit  Antarabangsa
Open air Badminton court,
Jalan Corner of Jalan Bukit Jaya 2 and Bukit Jaya 5, Taman  Bukit Jaya, Bukit  Antarabangsa
68000 Ampang, Selangor
Come for a full session - of qigong, meditation and Tai chi. Explanations, historical, medical benefits as well as demo. and Q&A. The works.


A beautiful area to learn and practice Qigong/Tai chi. in Bukit Antarabangsa the hillside residential area in Ampang. Nestled among the trees and hills. Good air and good energy; and good people (earlier students).

Who is it for:
Anyone who is interested in working out to feel good.  Highly recommended by health professionals (including Harvard Medical School/ Hospitals).

What you will learn:
Tai chi set; warm up with Qigong; Standing Postures, Breathing
Understand what makes Tai chi unique in our modern world.

  • The essence of softness (soft, refined energy) as compared to rough/ obvious energies.
  • How to calm your mind/ body and relax deeply for health and stress management
  • Learn to re-coordinate your body/mind - to move gracefully
  • Improve your balance
  • Strengthen your bones and ligaments (good for people with bad backs/ joint pains osteoporosis)
  • Regain flexibility and mobility
  • Regain and Power up for better health, more energy and alertness.
  • How Tai chi is used in Self defense

About Sifu E. K Yeap

Sifu E.K Yeap is the founder and Chief Instructor of WellnessBioChi.  He is an author, speaker and teacher and has over 30 years experience in teaching Tai Chi, self defense (since 1976) both overseas (Australia) and locally in Malaysia. He has appeared on national TV and the newspapers several times. His teaching is contemporary and he uses science to complement the ancient teachings.

More about sifu: here:

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